Couple of pictures I wanted to post for a while but had no time. My “KHI’s” and the friends I play PvP with. :>

Double XP II

So my REP Khi is 53 now, holding 12 pvp weapons… 4 more and then I’m done. So tomorrow night she will hit 55 and then can heal her republic guildies. ^^

I had her wearing the “Sensuous dress set”… but a couple of minutes ago I caved and bought her the “Xoxaan chest piece” for 2.2 million credits. xD

Double XP
Pushed my REP Khi-relle from 38 to 43 in 4 hours, guess that’s acceptable. Probably going to hit 50 tomorrow… damn, and then I have to PvP in the bracket of doom (30-54) for her Obroan gear. *shudders*

Double XP

Pushed my REP Khi-relle from 38 to 43 in 4 hours, guess that’s acceptable. Probably going to hit 50 tomorrow… damn, and then I have to PvP in the bracket of doom (30-54) for her Obroan gear. *shudders*

PvP & me…

I’m just a mediocre pvp healer… I still “click” quite a good amount of spells via mouse. But today is the day I want to break free of the stigma someone once attached to me. 
Every time I was happy that I accomplished a goal in PvP I got talked down… screw you asshole… I’m mediocre but I can PvP just fine… with and without tank. :p

Pic 1: My level 25 scoundrel in Quesh huttball.
Pic 2: 5 healer on the team… you can still win, and we got over the bridge to the second door. :P
Pic 3: Nearly 2,5k HPS… I had more this week but made no screenie… so it didn’t happen. Also only my second 600:0 in 2 years. And poor Baza! *hugs*
Pic 4: Pure ego stroking for the 5 MVP’s… sorry… I’m so shallow. ;)
Pic 5: Me playing my baby!tank Khae’ra with 25. *pets pets*
Pic 6: First WZ were my highest heal was 10k. ;)
Pic 7: I usually don’t post DEFEAT caps, but up till now… the highest amount I healed. And you can see the result at the end was quite tight… we played with a premade of 4 and they did too. We lost because they had 2 healers. :/

So fellow gamer gals… post your caps! I love to see them! I have a shitload of female pvpers that I adore. <3 
And for those who just start out… never ever let yourself be talked down! I did that… and I regret it till this day. It took a shitload of ppl that I didn’t know to get me back on track.

~Khirelle & friends~

So yeah, I’m currently playing Wildstar and I absolutely love the PVP there… but I still had those 4 caps I wanted to post.
First two are me and my favorite tank Avanael, the camping one is with Lyllou and the fourth is Lyllou and me grilling Ava. :D

Sorry, for not posting much lately… but besides work I’m soooo busy… playing PVP. xD

Somehow circumstances and luck and what ever deity looked upon me… I landed in my dream pvp team. I play with a tank that I adored for aaaaages. And he and his friends are such funny and amazing people. <3
For me it’s really a dream come true! And I’m sooo grateful they take me along and are so patient with me when we play random arena. :D
Big big smoochies to Lyllou, Naomi, Avanael and Lyralin (who really needs to level his operative, so that they can play rated again!).

And because I could, I “frapsed” a random wz with them today. :)


My “little” sniper (well, not so little anymore with nearly 50).
I adore him to bits and pieces and while I usually rather heal in PVP for him I suffer in silence doing damage. But I just couldn’t make him an operative heal… it so doesn’t suit his personality.

I still need to do to 12 more valor ranks till I can level him for new screencaps again…. oh the pain.

And yes, there were actually supposed to be 6 screenshots of him but the other 3 didn’t go with the color theme. :D

~Sidice & Keren~

Also veeeery old screencaps of my best friends Juggy and my Maro while there were levelling. Absolutely love their personality… they are like fire and ice. And even though both are rather smart sometimes they behave rather clumsy or brainless. Love ‘em! <3


My Jedi sentinel, she is my second oldest char on T3-M4. And she and Sidice (Sith Marauder) are the only chars I currently feel comfortable with running flashpoints. Must be because those two are the only chars at 55 who aren’t healers. I’m such a wuss when it comes to random pve healing. :D